Raptor Cartel History

Through out all galactic history the need for arms,ships,raw materials, and supplies has been a crucial factor for any sentient,organization, or government in the galaxy. Crucial supplies must get to there destination to be of any benefit to the consumers other than just gathering dust in a warehouse or freezing in the coldness of space. Many sentients know this is simply the way of things but most cant or simply do not want to spend that time and effort to do such tasks. It was in this that a Trandoshan sentient named Zaxcen Scales realizes this point. Many of his fellow reptilian became bounty hunters,assassins, or muscle for any of the criminal organizations. He saw all the weapons, droids and star destroyers in the galaxy are worthless if there half way across the galaxy not being used. Logistics and transport are the beating heart of this universe and makes daily life many sentients have come to enjoy possible. Zaxcen decided to create his business the Raptor Cartel to be one of the best in the galaxy and make good credits while doing it.

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